Winners are crowned at State Age Championships 2021

With 1728 matches played over the 4-day event on the Sunshine Coast, congratulations HDNA 14 Green winning the 14U Championship following their success in the 13U Championship in 2020 and HDNA 13 Green winning the 13U Challenge.  HDNA also finished 3rd overall in the Nissan State Age Association Results.

HDNA results were outstanding:

12P 6th Div 1 – 6th in the State

12G 1st Div 2 – 9th in the State

13P 4th Div 1 – 4th in the State (Championships)

13G 1st Div 1 – 1st in the State (Challenge)

14P 1st Div 1 – 1st in the State (Championships)

14G 1st Div 3 – 17th in the State (Championships)

15P 3rd Div 2 – 11th in the State (Championships)

15G Equal 5th Div 1 – 6th on count back (Challenge)

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