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Our Monday open ladies and mixed competitions are at capacity. Teams currently participating in the 2024 Monday winter competitions will have the first opportunity to nominate for the Monday summer competitions – your team registration must be submitted via NetballConnect by 5pm on 15th June to guarantee your place. After that date places will be offered to new teams on our waitlist. Prospective new teams should contact to join the waitlist. 

All team nominations for our Saturday and Monday competitions are made via NetballConnect. Please follow the appropriate instructions below depending on whether you are nominating teams for your club/school or entering an independent team. 

Independent Teams

Complete your 2024 HDNA Affiliation Form and pay the annual social membership fee. You must complete the form before nominating your FIRST team each year only. The affiliation is not current until your fee has been received by HDNA. Click HERE to access the form. 


Follow the step-by-step instructions in the NetballConnect guide below to nominate your team (you will need the registration link HDNA sent to your team manager/captain). The guide also explains how to add and remove team members and check who has registered. NOTE: If your team members have an existing NetballConnect user profile you MUST use the exact same email address and spelling of their name as their profile. If you guess and get it wrong you could cost them additional fees, so please take the time to double-check. 

Once you add your team members via the app they will receive an email or text from NetballConnect containing a personal link they must use to register to your team before the first game.  

Complete the Independent Team Grading Form and send it to so we can grade your team appropriately. 

Make sure your team members have registered before their first game, and have a great season! 

Clubs and Schools

Complete your 2024 HDNA Affiliation Form and pay the fully-affiliated annual membership fee. You must complete the form and pay the fee before nominating your first team for the year only. Your affiliation is not current until your fee has been received by HDNA. Click HERE to access the form. 

Create your teams in NetballConnect’s ‘teams’ module. See the NetballConnect guide below for instructions. 

Indicate each team’s strength by selecting a proposed grade/division on the ‘team grading’ page in the ‘fixtures’ module. Also use the comment bubble to note:
– previous season’s division and result
– number of players returning from previous season
– number of rep players
– number of boys in the team
HERE to see an example.

Submit your teams by the closing date for nominations (you can continue adding registered players to your teams after submitting the team). You must click ‘submit’on the team grading page no later than 5pm on the following date:
Monday winter competition – 22nd January
Saturday junior competition – 24th February
Saturday NetSetGO competition – 24th February
Monday summer competition – 15th June
Junior twilight competition – TBC

Assign your registered players to their teams. This must be completed prior to the first game. 

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Netball Australia Risk Protection Program

V Insurance Group has designed a National Risk Protection Program specifically tailored to meet the needs of Netball Australia. The National Risk Protection Program includes has been exclusively designed to provide protection for members at all levels.

The policies with full conditions are available by clicking here.

For information on the Sports Injury Insurance click here. Click here to download a claim form

Once completed you will need to have it signed by the Secretary.