The coaching framework is a six-tier progression with each stage being accredited.

Coaching Resources: Download PDF below


What do I need to know for coaching

 Help your participants develop physical literacy. One page infographic which explains what Physical Literacy is and how we can develop these skills in players.


Coaching Manual


Coaching resource for beginner coaches.


Player Profile


Record information about each player including their preferred positions, skill development and progress across the season.



Team Details Sheet


It is a great to record relevant details for your team and keep this at the beginning of your training diary.


Player Training Attendance


During the season it is helpful to keep track of players coming along to training and those dates when players may be away due to other commitments.


Player Court Time Overview


This is a simple form to keep track of Player Court Time across the season.


Session Planning Template


  This template may be useful when you are planning your session each week.


Scoring & Statistics Sheet


This sheet may be helpful for keeping track of statistics & scores during the game. Remember as a coach to link your statistics to the goals you’ve set for the game. Work to keep positive statistics throughout the game.


Players Skills Checklist


The player skills checklist may help you in identifying the skills your players already have and those areas to work on. As coaches we are working to grow the skillsets of our players in line with their developmental and training ages (are they new to the game or been playing for a few years). Netball Australia also have a Skills Matrix which outlines average ages for development of skills. Always remember this may vary for players within your team and across age groups.

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Netball Australia Risk Protection Program

V Insurance Group has designed a National Risk Protection Program specifically tailored to meet the needs of Netball Australia. The National Risk Protection Program includes has been exclusively designed to provide protection for members at all levels.

The policies with full conditions are available by clicking here.

For information on the Sports Injury Insurance click here. Click here to download a claim form

Once completed you will need to have it signed by the Secretary.